Saturday, 28 November 2015

Tim Westwood - Radio Rap Show (1999)

45 minutes of Westwood on a Saturday night back in 1999. The 20th of November 1999 to be exact, so that makes this 16 years and one week old. This was a great time for #bangers if this tape is anything to by. Vivrant Thing, Simon Says, Next Episode and Whoa are all on here, plus some Rakim, Nas and The LOX.

Speaking of #bangers I've had an unfinished post sitting in my drafts for a while on overplayed songs and the shortcomings of most Hip Hop club DJs . The Martorialist recently beat me to the punch but I think I might have to drop that one soon.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

DJ Clue - Desert Storm '98

More Clue. Too many bangers on this one. A snippet of Hard Knock Life (which I still maintain is a great record) sets things off plus there's Fabolous' breakthrough freestyle on Hot 97, a couple of blends and a Kool G Rap freestyle, and you 'Banned From TV' in its spiritual home.

Friday, 20 November 2015

DJ Clue - Birthday Blizzard '96

Premium golden era mixtape right here. Early-ish tape from Clue as he was starting to make his name as the DJ with the exclusives...

Sunday, 15 November 2015

DJ Juice - Volume 41 (1998)

First up from the recently acquired stash then, here's DJ Juice's tape #41 from '98. Dope intro, some tight blends as usual and an all round solid track list including Noreaga, Tragedy, Half A Mil, Jay Z, Redman and Ghostface...

(the end of side 1 has 2 tracks not listed on the cover - this Beanie Sigel freestyle and Ghostface 'Mighty Healthy')

Friday, 13 November 2015

Nas & Noreaga - Hot 97 freestyle (1998)

I got hooked up with a rather large stack of tapes today courtesy of the ever generous RB (he came through with the Jay Ski tapes and some mid 90s Westwood a couple of years back). All in all there was 20 tapes of Clue, Juice and Cutmaster C. Some have been online before, some haven't but I'm gonna rip the lot and get em on here because dead links/poor quality/obscure sites no one checks for etc.
Until I get around to doing that, here's a taster from Cutmaster C's 'New York Undercover' tape. Nas & Noreaga with Flex on the tables on Hot 97 back in 1998

If you've got tapes you'd like to donate for the blog (can be returned if needed) then get in touch.

Monday, 9 November 2015

Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito on Hot 97 (1996)

Another tape I'm surprised I hadn't posted before. This is the first Boogie & The Barber show on Hot 97. No guests (on the 57 mins here anyway) but pretty much every track on here is great. As the S&B documentary has finally dropped (not seen it yet) now seems like a good a time as any to share this one...

Tragedy & CNN 'LA LA' remix
Jay Z 'Dead Presidents'
Keith Murray 'The Rhyme' (white label version)
Saukrates 'Father Time'
Group Home 'The Realness'
La The Darkman 'I Want It All'
Redman 'Funkorama' remix
Special Ed 'Freaky Flow' DJ Premier remix
Large Professor 'Mad Scientist'
Company Flow '8 Steps To Perfection'
MOP 'Raise Hell'
AK Skills 'Nights Of Fear'
Natural Elements 'Knick Knack'
Heltah Skeltah 'Understand'

I bought most of these on vinyl when they dropped but the Keith Murray eluded me for years until I came across it on this white label and I finally copped MOP's 'Raise Hell' a couple of weeks ago. Would like to get that Natural Elements track though if anyone has it?

If you fancy going through the WKCR archives, Serch4Beatz and the Philaflava crew have gathered a mighty impressive stack of them here